Thursday, February 28, 2008

That was Embarassing

The AI player development is coming along pretty well. I just gave it basic survival and attack instincts and decide to play a game against one of the AI players. I am embarassed to say the battle was a draw.

To be fair, his fleet was a little bit stronger than mine : two LCS's and two HCF's to my two LCS's, one MCC and one DCD. So I had a Corvette and a Destroyer vs his two Frigates.

The battle came down to one of my LCS's and one of his and we both ran out of ammo. (Which reminds me, I need to have the system detect a draw -- as it is, there is no way for the game to end in this scenario).

I am really surpsised it was a draw. Maybe I wasn't focussing 100% on the fight and paying more attention to making sure the AI was behaving as it should, but still. The AI doesn't even use decoys or mines at this stage and still was pretty good. That gives me some hope :)

On another note (not at all related to the fact that I almost got beat), I have nerfed the LCS's a little bit. I made them a tiny bit heavier so they won't be able to turn as quick. And I made all the missiles (Falcon, Hawk and Eagle class) turn a little better. I also made the missile launchers have significantly higher muzzle velocity. Originally, missiles (not mass drivers) were launched with almost zero velocity relative to the ship. They would rely on their own acceleration to gain speed. Now they will launch with a good bit of initial velocity so they won't take so long to catch up to their target.

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