Friday, February 22, 2008


There was about 12 hours of downtime which has just ended. I added some features and fixed some bugs. Then when I published the application to the hosting service, everything died. I am not sure what happened, but I couldn't fix it. I opened a ticket with the hosting company and they fixed it right away. But I had to recompile and republish the application which took some time (well, that and sleeping). So everything is back up.

The cool new feature is Messaging! You can now send messages to other FC members. There is also an experimental auto-complete feature when you go to type in the members name. So far it seems a little flaky, but it is definitely a nice feature to have as long as it is reliable.

I also fixed a few small bugs like the "start time" of a game always being blank and there was a small exploit that could allow you to add more ships to your fleet than you should be able to.

Thanks again to the testers!

Oh, one more little thing. The URL is now live. This blog is now relegated to

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