Friday, February 1, 2008

One more thing to check off

The web site is done, well at least all the core features. I am not putting it up yet, because I am not quite ready for people to sign up and start creating their own games. I will need to do more testing first and most of all, I still need to add a lot more content: ships, weapons, etc. Right now there are only a couple of ship classes which won't be much fun.

Som people have had trouble signing up for the forum and some don't want to have to sign up for WikiDot just to be able to use the forum. So I think when I launch the web site, I will put up a new forum that is integrated into the game's database. This way, game members will automatically be forum members and the screen names will all be the same. So don't worry about the bad forum software right now :)

So I am off to try to be creative and make a bunch of new ship and weapon designs. Maybe I will make a public web page where people can create their own in order to flesh out the ship list... We'll see how motivated I am.

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