Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A few small bug fixes

During play testing it became clear that small ships "pwnd" the larger ships. Particularly small ships with mass drivers. Those mass driver rounds have no warhead, but their great speed gives them an incredible amount of energy. Large ships like Frigates and Destroyers were going down with one shot from a mass driver.

So I have increased the hull strength of all the ships, but particularly the large ones. I have also increased the damage done by the non-mass driver weapons so they are not completely dwarfed by the mass drivers. This fix does not affect any games in progress, but will affect all games starting from now on.

Also, you will now be refunded your command points when you remove a ship from your fleet. So you are not stuck with your first choice of fleet composition. I have refunded all missing points.

I also made changes to the chat lobby and the in game chat to make long winded messages less likely to be cut off.

Thank you to the testers for finding these issues! Now on to more testing...

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