Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Stupid Rotating Earth

If you haven't noticed by now, FCO has a bit of an issue with time zones. In theory, the technology I am using (ASP.Net and MS SQL 2005) should take care of that automatically, but it clearly isn't. Maybe it has something to do with bits of the application being in California and some bits being somewhere in Canada that is in the US Central time zone.

This is why when you go to the "Browse Players" page you don't see anyone listed as "Online Now" -- not even yourself. Because the server thinks your last activity was 8 hours ago or something.

Anyway, I am going to be trying to fix this. But for now the "Online Now" feature will be pretty unreliable. As will the dates and times of messages you receive. Oh, and forum posts. Basically just any Date/Time you see on the site is complete BS. No biggie though. :)

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