Friday, March 7, 2008


I have just deployed a change that enables damaged subsystems. Well, the subsystems have always taken damage, but it had no effect until now.

When a subsystem is damaged, its performance will be affected proportionally. So if your engines or your reactor is damaged by 50% then your ships top speed will be reduced by 50%.

If your weapons are damaged, there is a chance that they will misfire. You should get a message when a turn is processed if anything was affected by system damage.

I will be adding more effects soon like engine damage hurting acceleration as well as speed, etc. So just keep an eye on those messages and make sure you assign repair teams to fix the problems as they come up.

This should also help reduce the effectiveness of the Lancer Scouts as they are too small to have repair teams. So if they are hit and they sustain damage, they may lose their engines or weapon permanently.

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