Friday, June 25, 2010

...and we're back!

I am very sorry for the very long outage. It looks like the site was down for about a month -- May 25th to June 25th due to a variety of problems.

First, something happened with the hosting provider that meant that the web pages could not access the database which brought the site down. I could not even access the database from my development computer or from the tools provided by the hosting provider. It seemed to be some kind of permissions issue.

Second, Google for some reason disabled my email account and the blog without explanation.

Third, it's not much of a secret that I haven't been logging in to the site with much frequency lately so I didn't notice that it was down. You were all of course emailing me that it was down, but I didn't get any email because my gmail account for the game was down.

Anyway, it's all straightened out now. The site is back up, and hopefully you will all come back and keep playing. I have temporarily disabled the service that deletes games due to inactivity so that it doesn't go delete all these games that haven't had a turn in 30 days.

Thanks for sticking around and/or coming back. I will try to be on the site more and maybe even do some development on it from time to time :)

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Anonymous said...

Nice! Have you sent out an email to everyone?