Friday, March 6, 2009

Moving Day

Well, not necessarily today, but sometime this weekend, Fleet Combat Online will be moving to a new hosting provider.

The host it is on now is pretty expensive ($25 a month) and my account there is running out of disk space fast. They charge an outrageous amount for added disk space. So I found a much cheaper host ($10 a month) that offers more than four times the disk space.

I have been moving the site over there the last few days and it is working fine. The last two steps are to move the database over, which will require about an hour or so of the site being offline and changing the domain to point to the new address. Unfortunately, DNS changes take a while to propogate out across the internet, so the next time you come to the site, you may get an error or a notice that the site has moved. Nothing really I can do about that, just keep retrying and eventually you will be taken to the new server.

I hope this doesn't cause any trouble, but moving a site can involve all kinds of problems so bear with me please :)

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