Friday, December 12, 2008

Survey Says!

I need more feedback. There are only a small handful of players who participate in the online forum, and they have been very helpful. But I need more information than that.

Here are some interesting stats:
354 battles have been played so far. (not counting stalled games that were deleted)
There are 171 players who have signed up and "activated" their accounts.
148 of them have only joined one game or less.
That means there are only 23 people who have played in more than one game.
40 people have participated in the forum.

I am not concerned with the low overall number of players - it is a beta and I have done no advertising. I am concerened with the small fraction of signed up users that actually play.

So I want to know why so many people sign up and then either don't play it at all, or play it once and leave. Now, a large number of those users may have encountered some show stopping bug in the games less stable days, but still it seems like most people come to the site and sign up and then never play.

The forum doesn't seem to cut it. For whatever reason, people don't want to (or can't) post in the forum to ask questions.

So to that end, I have set up a survey. You don't have to be a member of the site to fill out the survey. The survey shows up on the home page. Once you have taken the survey, it no longer shows up.

I will periodically update the survey with new questions as I get answers and as new questions come to mind.

Thanks for those that have given feedback so far! You are the ones that make a "beta" game possible!

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