Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Attack Formation!

As you may have seen from my last post giving you a sneak peak at a new feature, Fleet Combat Online now (almost) has custom fleet formations. On the left nav bar of the site when you are logged in, you will see "My Formations". This link takes you to a page where you can manage your formations.

Formations are not fully functional yet. You can create and edit formations, but you cannot yet use them in battle. I wanted to get the formation editor up there for people to play with to see if it is intuitive enough to use and find any bugs.

You can create as many formations as you like, but formations cost 150CP each. When you delete a formation, you get those credits back just like decommissioning a ship.

In the formation editor, you create the formation by dragging ship classes onto the design surface. If you want to put a Lancer in front, drag it from the list of ships to the top center of the design surface. You will see the ship facing upward. You can click on it to move it around or rotate it.

Note that the "top" of the formation editor is always the "front" of the formation. If you are using this formation in battle, you will have the opportunity to specify a heading (like you do now) to start on. The *entire* formation will be rotated to that heading. So if you want all your ships facing forward, they should be facing UP in the formation editor.

Please play with it -- create formations and mess around with the editor and let me know what you think. Once I am happy with the editor, I will work on getting the formations into the game itself.

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