Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bug Scrub

I have deployed the following changes (mostly bug fixes):
Bugs fixed:
1) AI players not firing all of their weapons when they have the opportunity.
2) An unhandled error in the game client when assigning repair teams to fix a subsystem
3) An unhandled error in the game client when deploying a decoy
4) When a ship exploded, there was no explosion drawn in the game client (there was still an explosion visible for the missile or whatever hit it, but not for the ship itself which is much larger)
5) Damage was not being applied to ships that were near another ship that exploded. Now they will recieve damage if they are within the explosion radius.
6) Label on MK II torpedos said "FS2S".
7) torpedo would not aquire target until a full turn after its launch.
8) Mine fields would disappear from the game board when you flipped backwards through earlier turns in the game. They would only show up when viewing the most current game turn.
9) fixed the drawing of some ship types that had visual defects

I also reworked the "Set Initial Orders" page. The existing layout was not going to work as players had more and more ships in their fleet. The new layout will accomodate more ships. Also, the page doesn't refresh when you assign a ship to the battle -- it uses an AJAX call to a web service to add/remove the ship without having to refresh the whole page.

As part of that rework, I got rid of the fixed compass points for your approach vector. You can now enter any heading you want to approach from. You can also enter whatever heading you want to face at the beginning of the battle (you could do this before). So if you want to approach from the upper right -- you would enter 45 in the approach box and 135 in the heading box.

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