Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Here's to Competition

I don't know why I didn't find this before, but for some reason this site just showed up in one of my Google Searches about star ship combat and fleet operations:

It looks to be essentially a modernization and an expansion of the original Begin or Begin2. It even references the original FASA starfleet combat game.

I have not played it yet, but it looks interesting. Unlike Fleet Combat Online, they have chosen to stay inside the "Star Trek" universe, so you can choose from any of the races and ship types from Star Trek canon. Also, it uses a client EXE that you have to download and install, wereas I have chosen to be completely browser based.

I am happy to see that someone else thinks those old games were cool and that there is no current substitute for their level of tactical game play. I am a bit discouraged however to see at the top of the home page that there are only 579 users. I would have thought that in the whole world, there are a lot more than 579 people looking for an online star ship combat game. I hope they just haven't yet actively sought out a user base. Soon (if I get going on development) you will have another choice for this type of game :)

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